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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 19, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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nbc. we'll be back next week. because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." good morning. right now on "first look," dangerous freezing weather causes hundreds of accidents and pileups from coast to coast. federal authorities are trying to figure out who fired shots near biden's home. and the super bowl is set. thanks for joining us today. here we go again, frozen roads, in the northeast there were thousands of accidents yesterday. six people are dead and this morning the remaining moisture can refreeze. we have a report. >> reporter: from yonkers, new
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york, to montgomery county pennsylvania, thousands of drivers across the northeast were caught off guard early sunday by slick ice covered roads. rising temperatures and rain not snow gave drivers a false sense of safety but that rain quickly froze, making interstates better for skating than driving. >> the car behind me hit me. then i'm swinging around four or five times as the other car is hitting me as well. >> reporter: the ice caused officials in philadelphia to shut down the city's bridges and cause as 50-car pileup on pennsylvania's interstate 76. police in new jersey responded to more than 400 accidents alone. officials in pennsylvania new jersey new york, massachusetts and new hampshire scrambled to get roads salted and sanded but for some it was too late. >> the salt truck was behind us. we all like passed the salt truck. so as we like passed the salt truck we get into accidents.
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authorities in delaware are trying to find the person responsible for firing gunshots near biden's home. the secret service agents heard the shots and saw a car speeding away from the scene. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, not a lot more than we knew over the weekend. there was one person who was detained but it's not clear that person had anything to do with the shots that were fired. this morning, the secret service is trying to figure out who drove by vice president biden's home saturday night and fired multiple gunshots. the secret service heard it, so did a neighbor, one agent saw a car speeding by. soon after the police report more shots fired in the area. >> they'll be questioning people, maybe checking some cameras in the last retail place they passed and see if they can find out who the car, who was shooting what's it about.
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>> reporter: half an hour after the shooting a man drove by he was questioned and detained after resisting arrest. he is not charged in the shooting. last week a delaware national guard base the vice president uses raised security after five cars stopped by in two days to ask for directions. authorities found that suspicious. last week, the fbi revealed separate plots to bomb the u.s. capitol and poison house speaker john boehner. four months earlier a knife-wielding fence jumper made it all the way into the white house. the secret service is under scrutiny. as a result of that scrutiny there's an internal shakeup going on there. last week they announced four top managers are being replaced. >> that's right. they sure did. joining us live in washington thank you so much for that. you know it's one of the biggest days of the annual political calendar. tomorrow's state of the union address. the white house released this picture of the president hard at work ahead of the big night. he'll be in front of a republican-led congress and
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according to a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, 45% of americans say he's been too stubborn, but 55% say it's the gop who is too stubborn. don't miss our special coverage of the state of the union address, tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. today, the nation celebrates dr. martin luther king, jr.'s birthday. the president and first lady will be in the mlk day of service. yesterday, the cast of "selma" marched to the bridge in alabama. oprah winfrey reflected on what the experience meant to her. >> i'm so excited that once again i get to march across the bridge not as portraying annie lou cooper, but as standing in the shoes and on the shoulders of everyone who came before us.
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>> in an effort to continue the discussion on racial issues in america, mtv will broadcast 24 hours of its programming in black and white. and google has mlk with others. and new yorker has martin luther king walking with michael brown. later in the show richard louie will have a report on dr. king's legacy. right now, the super bowl it is set. now that the top two teams have merged in sunday's conference championship. the patriots weren't the only obstacle the colts had to face in new england. damp conditions at gillette stadium, look at this. the pats released the time lapse crew removing the rain tarp before the game. tom brady did throw for three touchdowns and legarrette blount ran in three more in a crushing 45-7 victory over the colts. it was the second most lopsided
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afc championship win since buffalo's 51-3 romping against oakland in the 1990 season. this will be the sixth super bowl appearance for the patriots since 2002. and the nfc match-up the seahawks rallied from a 16-0 deficit to pull off one of the most impressive comebacks in playoffs history against the packers. >> good kick up into the air. it is loose and recovered! by seattle. >> here's lynch. lynch, marshawn lynch! beast mode, touchdown. >> seattle will go up three after a two-point conversion and the packers send it into overtime after nailing a field goal. then this happened. >> wilson, toward the end zone. it is caught. seattle's going to the super bowl!
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>> yep. the defending champs they are headed back to the super bowl after a 28-22 comeback win in overtime. quarterback russell wilson was brought to tears afterwards. the seahawks are the first team to reach back-to-back super bowls since the '04, '05 patriots. the seahawks will face the patriots in glendale arizona, for super bowl xlix. kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m. eastern on nbc. all right, in other sports news a new coach in denver? well, several reports say that former texans head coach gary kubiak will be the new broncos coach. a four-year deal is in the works. he spent the last season as the ravens offensive coordinator. and the us a australiian open is under way. nidal wins in a three-straight set. and sixth ranked andy murray wins in straight sets.
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now to the women's side after reaching the quarterfinal last year, fifth seed anna ivanovich was upset. and walker won the pga open. he set a tournament record with a 9 stroke victory, but listen to this. professional golfer robert allenby said he was kidnapped, robbed and beaten in hawaii after he missed the cut at the sony open. he posted this gruesome photo to facebook and according to the golf channel surveillance video shows him leaving this bar with a group of five or six people, but he's not sure if he was drugged and doesn't remember much. >> two hours -- 2 1/2 hours later i woke up on the street. in the gutter. >> they're reviewing the surveillance footage from the night and investigating it as a
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second degree robbery. after bouncing back from two serious knee injury, skier lindsey vonn won a down hill in italy. congratulations to her. okay so nine minutes past the hour. still ahead, the latest on two teens captured after a wild crime spree. and why this innocent selfie is causing a huge uproar. we don't have the danger out there that we did yesterday morning but there is still black ice to be dealt with. we'll tell you what the week ahead looks like. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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welcome back. we showed you the pictures at the beginning of the show the ice yesterday was one of the worst i had ever seen. it was crystal clear. what was interesting about the ice storm yesterday, usually you picture ice storms with power lines going down and trees. literally the temperatures above the ground were above freezing t trees had little if any ice on
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them. the ground was well below freezing. literally the rain was falling and the ground was so cold, then it had puddle on top of it. it was a night mare out there. there's still ice on some the roads and now temperatures around scranton, and downtown philadelphia, are still at or bolo freezing. the worst conditions are still philadelphia and outside of new york city for ice today. it's going to be a little area of snow that's coming down ott of to the central plains. as we go throughout wednesday, we can see areas near philadelphia, pennsylvania and southern new england, but a quiet week by wednesday cooling off. but hey, betty for this holiday it's looking great. the whole southern half of the country had a fantastic weekend. looks like another great day there. >> i'm jealous. >> why would you be jealous of 68 and sunny? >> because it iin the 30s here. after a manhunt that went on for weeks, two kentucky
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teenagers are in custody and will be extradited back to kentucky. 18-year-old dalton hayes is behind bars this morning. his 13-year-old girlfriend cheyenne phillips is with child services in florida. they were found sleeping in a car in panama city yesterday. charges include burglary, trespassing and criminal mischief. still not known what phillips will face since she's a minor. pope francis is back to the vatican after a five-day sweep through the philippines. it drew 6 million people despite heavy rains. and then of course there's this. a selfie controversy ahead of this year's miss universe pageant. that's miss israel on the left, miss lebanon next to her. it seems innocent enough, right? miss israel posted it to the instagram account and that's when a lebanese tv station
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accused her of being in the picture. so miss lebanon responded on her facebook page saying that she had been trying to avoid miss israel as they get ready for next week's miss universe pageant and accused her of photo bombing. and miss israel said it doesn't surprise me but it doesn't surprise me. donald trump owns the pageant and in a joint venture with nbc universe. he said it was sad to see long-standing political animosity impacting the pageant. nasa is tracking this asteroid you see along the blue line, but not to worry, everybody. they say it will safely pass by earth this next week. it will be the closest fly-by to the earth for the next 200 years though it will pass by safely. 15 after the hour. coming up, senator ted cruz has some comedy advice for republicans. big news on a possible state visit and an executive birthday tweet. scrambled politics is next. ers gets old pretty fast?
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18 minutes past the hour. here's your monday morning dish of scrambled politics. ted cruz spoke at a tea party convention in south carolina yesterday and at one point he was asked how the gop could engage more young voters and he said, quote, would it kill republicans to crack a joke? i actually think for some republicans it might. you know, lighten up a little. well, republican senator lindsey graham was on "meet the press"
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yesterday and he told chuck todd he is considering a run for the white house. >> i hear you're actually polling right now to test your ability to run for president. >> yes. we're not polling, but we set up a testing the waters committee under the irs code that would allow me to look beyond south carolina as to whether or not a guy like lindsey graham has a viable path. >> also on "meet the press," dan pfeiffer he explained what we can expect from tomorrow's state of the union address. >> tuesday night's speech let me give you the theme in three words -- middle class economics. he'll talk about how that brought us back from the brink and put us to where the deficit is shrinking. the pope wrapped up his trip to asia and we are learning more about a possible trip to the u.s. later this year. an archbishop said he may travel to washington, d.c. and stay in the states under the 27th. the bishop said the highlight of the trip might be a speech to members of congress. we'll continue to follow that
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for you. but first lady michelle obama she celebrated her 51st birthday this weekend and the president tweeted, wishing flotus the happiest birthday today. thanks for being an inspiration every day of the year. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. i'm joined by lauren french. good morning, happy monday to you. >> good morning. >> well a new cbs news poll shows most americans really want to see hillary clinton and mitt romney won in 2016. does that surprise you because they ran before and lost? >> it does not surprise me there isn't a wide berth of name recognition among the other candidates. jeb bush obviously from florida, former governor, from a famous family. he has some name recognition, but some in the senate don't have nationwide appeal yet. so those numbers for mitt romney and hillary clinton 59% of
2:21 am
republicans say they want to see mitt romney get in the race, aren't surprising given they're the only two nationwide candidates in the mix. >> do you think it's frustrating for the americans to see there's no new stars emerging? >> that's going to be a big issue for both candidates in 2016. if they do choose to run. fatigue of what happened previous. mitt romney is an establishment republican. he would -- obviously not served in the white house, hasn't been in public office in years but he's a familiar face for republicans and many republicans would want to see something new. hillary clinton, very popular among democrats. more than 80% of democrats want her to get into the race. but it would be a throwback to the clinton years which not all democrats are ready for. so that fatigue could hamper them if they get into the race. >> anyone getting a whole lot of momentum? you mentioned jeb bush. anyone we need to keep our eye on? >> a cbs poll found that mike huckabee, former arkansas governor, actually had a strong showing at 40%. that was -- that's a strong
2:22 am
showing for him. chris christie is in the mix. then you have some of the senate -- the senate would-be candidates, ted cruz rand paul. those all -- those republicans could gain momentum as time goes by and more americans get -- learn who they are and learn about them. >> yeah, we have some time to see all this play out. in the meantime there's not much time for this. that's the state of the union address. that is tomorrow in fact. how will the president try to break through the opposition that he faces in that crowd of republican led congress? >> he's going to announce a full slate of middle class -- or economic tax breaks targeted to the middle class. so that is going to be his hail mary if you will. he wants to put republicans on defense. and make them say no to tax breaks for the middle class. there's also a really big appetite in the republicans -- to do tax reform so that could be one area of agreement. >> all right. well we'll be watching very closely as you can imagine.
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welcome back, everybody. 26 minutes past the hour on this mlk day. many of you know that martin luther king would have turned 86 years old this week. as the nation celebrates his birthday today, msnbc's richard louis looks at the legacy he's left behind. >> the memories start with i have a dream. >> we aren't going to let any injunction turn us around. >> reporter: but there's the
2:27 am
numerous church speeches. the more than 1 million documents related to his life work's. >> this is edwin newman inviting you to "meet the press..." >> reporter: and his five interviews on "meet the press.." >> you believe the racial problem can be solved. >> yes, i do. i refuse to give up. i refuse -- and i think in any social revolution the one thing that keeps it going is hope. >> reporter: part of his revolution, 1983 president ronald reagan signed a bill making the reverend the only american other than george washington to have his birthday celebrated as a federal holiday. today's memories come from newer faces and different places. the movie "selma" a new take on king's 1965 voting rights fight. then there's this. >> was that dr. king's dream? >> reporter: an ad invoking his name to criticize current immigration efforts. today's voting rights debate
2:28 am
some say echo the 1960s. and ferguson. a wound as raw as it was a half century ago. but as he said -- >> nonviolent way does not bring about miracles. >> reporter: perhaps small miracles like 5-year-old maya on why king lived. >> so that all people could go into the same restaurant and the same schools and the same drinking fountains. >> all over the world to -- to say peace to everybody. >> reporter: maya and tyler live near ferguson, where captain ron johnson marched for peace, like many did in the 1960s in the civil rights era. >> like anybody i would like to live a long life longevity has its place. >> reporter: he was murdered the next day. he did not live long, but his idea of america does.
2:29 am
>> tremendous legacy. thanks for joining us everybody. this is "first look" on msnbc. we do invite you to stay tuned because "way too early with thomas roberts" is coming up right now. have a good day. wilson toward the end zone. it is caught! seattle is going to the super bowl! >> and to the end zone. and a touchdown. unstoppable. >> the new england patriots leave little doubt tonight, they are the afc champions. >> there we have it the super bowl is set as a super sly seattle returns to the big game. but if the seahawks want to be the first team in a decade to
2:30 am
win it two years in a row, they have to beat the patriots. and president obama set to have tax hikes on the wealthy. and we no know why the -- now know why the united states is so sure that north korea was behind the attacks on sony. three letters, nsa. this is "way too early." ♪ ♪ i found myself a cheerleader ♪ you don't like that song? i love that song. thank you, sir. we are cheerleaders this morning. who do you like, the patriots or the seahawks? >> seahawks! >> seahawks. >> seahawks. >> jen? >> patriots. >> all right. mixed bag around here this morning, everybody. yeah mixed bag.


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